Friday, February 26, 2010

Cathy's Book- Review

Cathy is not only a funky dresser, but also creative, clever, fun, curious and an artist extraordinaire. From the book's exciting cover, which states in gray letters against a black background "Cathy's Book if found call (650) 266-8233 (650) 266-8233 ," to the ensuing pages of artistic doodles and adventures, this is one terrific read. Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman have gone out on a limb with some daring ideas and succeeded in creating an interactive, totally hands-on reading experience that teens will go wild for.

Set up as a kind of diary and sprinkled heavily with wonderful drawings, Cathy writes about her relationship with the mysterious Victor, her very best friend Emma, her frazzled mother and the pitfalls of getting involved in something very dangerous. Her diary covers about a month of her life as she investigates Victor's sudden withdrawal and strange behavior. As she becomes more deeply involved, she realizes that Victor is not who she thinks he is, that he possibly has used her in some kind of terrible experiment (there's a needle mark on her arm and a blank space in her memory) and that even murder is possible in the weird happenings of the Chinese underworld.
Emma is the brains, technology and nerdy part of Cathy's world. She pulls Cathy in and tries to keep her focused as well as attend to her school projects. After all, Cathy will not succeed in anything if she doesn't settle down. Emma is also pretty peeved that their science project failed because Cathy was so distracted. Throughout all of this, however, Emma's family has their own issues, and the wealth that surrounded Em is suddenly gone because her father loses his job. What else can happen in all this chaos? Oh, plenty can --- and does!
Cathy can be poignant as she recalls her recently deceased father, very funny (see her alter egos such as ArtGirl, PhoneGirl and GothGirl) and dreadfully foolish as she hurtles herself from one dangerous situation to another. Her personality bubbles over the pages as we root for her all the way through. Her last entry makes it imperative to follow with a sequel and to explore every possible clue provided.
Readers can call phone numbers, visit web sites and explore a little packet of assorted papers tucked into the book. There are blogs and fascinating links that help answer the many questions related to uncovering the mystery of Victor and the strange cult-like group surrounding him. This is a gamer and a reader's treasure.

This book did not catch my eye as much as some others, but I won't say it wasn't a good book. I liked the character Cathy, and her wittyness. I loved how she had a good comeback for everything, and being able to get inside her mind. She reminded me of me in some ways, and in others I could just get lost in the book. I had a hard time trying to finish this book, It wasn't because of the length or anything I think it took a while for it to let me get into it.
The whole deal with Victor confused me for a while, like how he was 'immortal' I'm still trying to figure out how that part works into the story. I'm also debating on the different books in the series, as to if I want to get the other books or not.
I liked the drawings that went along with the pages, I liked the different personalities of her like 'Arrtgurl' and 'Gothgrrl'.
Again it was just a book you can't write to much about, It's one of those things that unravels slowly in the end. Oh, I also didn't like the ending. I never like endings of books though.
Well, until next book.

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