Thursday, February 18, 2010

Easy- Review

The school is having a photography contest and fourteen-year-old Jessica needs to find the best snapshot of herself for her submission. The problem is Jessica no longer knows who she is anymore. Her parents have divorced, so her once-strong mother is now falling apart, her sister is constantly worrying over their mother’s emotional state, and her father has become distant since the arrival of his new girlfriend. All these changes have brought down Jessica’s once-stable home and has got her thinking it's time for some major changes of her own.

In this compelling young adult story by first-time novelist Kerry Cohen Hoffmann, readers delve into the mind of a teenage girl who tries to find a way out of her problems at home by using her newfound sexuality. With a unique perspective on a topic faced by so many of today’s teens, this book offers a much-needed look into what can sometimes happen when teens take the wrong turn in their search for answers.

I thought Easy was a very well written book. It took a lot of thinking to come up with the character, Jessica, a teeanger trying to figure out who she is. Jessica is going through the faze in life where she doesn't know who she is, or what is going on around her. She's having tantrums, moodswings and many other teeange problems. Jessica was a character to admire, not only for her talent in photography, but for the fact she went through struggles, in and out of friendships and still managed to stay strong.
It wasn't easy for her, but once she figured out how to accept life as it is, and not try to see only what she wants to, but what's really going on. I like this book a lot, the author did a good job creating the story that is Easy.
If there was something about the story I could change it would most likely be how fast she went into the fact her mom was depressed, it seemed to me that she went into the family instead of Jessica herself too quickly. Some of my favorite parts of the book would have to be at the end, where she had figured out everything she needed to, and accepted change.
Well, until next book,
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