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My Sister's Keeper- Review

My Sister's Keeper is about Anna Fitzgerald, a 13-year-old girl who enlists the help of an attorney, Campbell Alexander, to sue her parents for the rights to her body. Kate, Anna's older sister, suffers from acute promyelocytic leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Anna was conceived through in vitro fertilization to be a donor who could save Kate's life. Her parents initially use Anna's umbilical cord blood to treat Kate, and continue to use Anna as a donor for other bodily substances as Kate cycles through remission and relapse over the years. Anna eventually petitions for medical emancipation so that she will be able to make her own decision concerning donating a kidney to Kate, who is experiencing renal failure. Sara, her mother, is an ex-lawyer and decides to represent herself and her husband in the lawsuit. She continually attempts to convince Anna to drop the suit, but Anna refuses.

The guardian ad litem assigned to Anna as her representative is Julia Romano, an old girlfriend of Campbell's. Julia and Campbell met at a private high school, where she was a scholarship student from a poor background and he was a rich kid. They fell in love and enjoyed a relationship until Campbell broke up with her at graduation. Julia never knew the reason but felt it was because of her social class. Although they try to conduct court business professionally, their attraction to one another is apparent. Feeling abandoned again, Julia is frustrated with her relationship with Campbell. He also has a service dog whose purpose he keeps a secret. However, when Campbell has a seizure during Anna's testimony, the purpose of the dog is revealed: he is a seizure dog. Julia then learns that Campbell developed epilepsy after getting into a car accident before their graduation, and broke up with her because he did not want to be a burden. Julia supports him, and they reunite. They eventually marry.

During the trial, Campbell and Sara bring in their witnesses and battle over whether Anna is mature enough for medical emancipation. Julia, who is supposed to deliver a report about who she thinks should win the case, is undecided. While on the witness stand, Anna reveals that Kate told her that she did not want Anna to go through with the transplant, which is why she filed the lawsuit. The judge rules in favor of Anna, and gives Campbell medical power of attorney to help her make any medical decisions until she turns 18.

Soon after being medically emancipated from her parents, Anna is involved in a car accident and left brain dead. With Campbell's permission, her kidneys and other organs are donated to Kate and other patients who might need them. As the book closes, a number of years have passed since Anna's death. Kate explains that she thinks she has survived for so long because someone had to die, and Anna took her place. Whenever she begins to forget her sister, she looks at the scar from her kidney transplant and feels that Anna is with her wherever she goes.

My Review.
This book was very touching. I couldn't help but cry, and cry again. The characters are well thought out, I got into the character of Cambell Alexander and Julia Romano. As the author told about their past. I also liked Jesse's character, dying to be noticed as any kid would.
Jodi has done a fantastic job telling a story about a girl and her sister, how no matter what they'll always be there with you.
There were points in this book where I couldn't put it done, exciting points, and sad points. During the beginning I even shed a few tears. You learn a lot about these characters that Jodi had worked hard to create.
With Sara, the mother with more issues than a natural one. You can't help but feel sorry for the whole family, they only know Kate's sickness.
Anna is the person that was born to save her sister's life, which is exactly what she did in the end, but Kate couldn't save hers.
It makes you feel sorry for Kate, the guilt she'll always carry with her. This is a book you'll mix in with reality, and a good one at that.
If you haven't read it, and like heart warming stories, I suggest you read it. Now. (:
Tell next book,
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